Fresh off the start of a new school year, Georgia Gwinnett College students got a chance to learn about part-time job opportunities in the area this week.

The college hosted a part-time job fair Thursday with 57 employers showing up to highlight the opportunities they had for students to earn some money and work experience while they attend school. GGC officials said more than 450 students attended the fair.

“Many GGC students work to support their education and their families,” GGC Director of Career Development Roslyn Brown said. “The Part-Time Job Fair connects students with local organizations for off-campus employment opportunities.”

Job opportunities available at the fair ranged from hospice work to the food service industry, banking and nonprofit work. School officials said the benefits of offering the part-time job fair went beyond offering students a chance to find work to spending money in college, however.

“The Career Development Center provides programs that enhance the career readiness of students,” Brown said. “The Part-Time Job Fair offers opportunities for students to learn how to articulate their relevant skills and network with professionals. Once they acquire a position, the experiences they gain will further develop their employability skills.”

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