George the Duck, Sugar Hill’s beloved mascot, has died. The city is planning a way to honor George as the community mourns his loss.

George the Duck, who became an unofficial mascot for the city of Sugar Hill, has died, according to city officials.

A Facebook post from the city’s page late Thursday night said George was discovered to have several injuries on Thursday. He was examined by a veterinarian but did not survive.

“It is a sad day for Sugar Hill,” Sugar Hill Mayor Steve Edwards said in an email. “George was there when we started construction on the E Center and he morphed into our beloved mascot. Although he was the first and will be irreplaceable, just like the beloved mascot, Uga, there will be a George II and possibly a mate to keep George II company. As Uga is important to Dawg Nation, George was important to the Sugar Hill Nation!”

The comment section of the post was filled with an outpouring of sadness from residents, who shared their own photos of George. The duck was purchased by the city to live in a koi pond near the city’s growing downtown district. It grew a reputation for being friendly to pedestrians.

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“George the Duck was a beloved part of the city,” city manager Paul Radford said. “Many in the community came to know George and interacted with him while visiting downtown Sugar Hill. He has been with us throughout all the changes and growth. George had a special way of bringing a smile to all who visited him at his home here in the pond at city hall.”

The city is in the process of planning a ceremony to celebrate George’s life, but no specifics have been announced.