Ronnie Jackson

A Gwinnett County jury has acquitted a former track coach at Meadowcreek High School who was accused of sexually assaulting a member of the school’s track team in 2017.

The jury found Ronnie T. Jackson not guilty of two counts of sexual assault by a person with supervisory or disciplinary authority earlier this month. Jackson had been arrested on the charges and resigned from his position at Meadowcreek two and a half years ago.

He had been accused of inappropriately touching the then-16-year-old student in a training room at the school in April 2017. Jackson’s attorney, Robert Giannini, told the Daily Post in an email that witnesses and evidence presented at his client’s trial, however, led the jury to clear him of the charges in a verdict handed down Nov. 1.

“The (school administrator and school resource officer) both testified that there had been no other criminal or sexual allegations against Coach Jackson during his time at Meadowcreek,” Giannini said.

“Testifying for the defense were two fellow Meadowcreek students who had seen the accuser at different times during the date of the alleged incident, and the defendant testified in his own defense ... During the deliberations, the jury asked to see again certain text messages between the accuser and her friend, the accuser and the defendant and the written statements of the accuser and one of the witnesses.”

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