Rescue crews waded into raging waters Saturday and rescued 11 people, including 10 children, from the Alcovy River at Freeman's Mill Park.

Firefighters and police responded to a call from a frantic woman at 4:52 p.m. Saturday. The first crew arrived on scene at Alcovy Rd. in Lawrenceville and officials said there was a group of children on the rocks below the falls and a father and child on top of the falls in the middle of the river. The river was rain swollen due to a recent thunderstorm, which created swift current conditions.

Officials said additional crews helped make an immediate rescue of a child who was about to go over the top of the falls to an approximate 10-foot drop into swift current by entering the water with life jackets while tethered to a rope.

Officials said other children stranded on rocks in the middle of the river below the rapids were successfully removed from the water by the additional fire crews. Fire crews deployed rope rescue bags and established down-river safety points to get the children to safety. Firefighters were able to get life jackets out to part of the group as they awaited rescue.

Crews also rescued a father and son who were in immediate danger of going over the top of the falls and being swept away by the swift current.

The incident commander said crews were able to successfully rescue all 11 people from the river by 5:51 p.m. The victims were seen by paramedics and routed to the hospital, but there were no major injuries noted.

Officials said the group was part of a multi-family picnic near the edge of the river. They were located at the bottom of the trail near the watermill.

Signs posted in the area warn patrons not to enter the water, according to officials.

Taylor Denman is a reporter born and raised in Gwinnett County. He came back home to seize the rare opportunity of telling stories about the county in which he grew up.