An Italian company that makes computer circuit boards which can be used in everything from a train’s event recorder to a DVR is settling into a new home in Duluth.

Elemaster held a ribbon cutting Thursday morning to officially open its new U.S. manufacturing facility off Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Duluth. The ceremony drew representatives from Elemaster’s parent company in Italy as well as officials from Partnership Gwinnett and the City of Duluth as the joined employees of the office, all clad in red shirts, for the celebration.

The company was previously involved in a joint venture with a company named Sienna — the joint venture was called Elesienna — in Suwanee, but Elemaster has branched out on its own.

“For us employees, it’s a dream to have our own space ... something to grow into,” Elemaster U.S. Operations Manager Hasani Smith said.

Smith said the company currently has about 35 employees working out of the office and that number is expected to eventually grow to about 50 people. Partnership Gwinnett said additional jobs are expected to be added in the future as well.

Smith said Elemaster’s clients are typically companies that are ordering 300 to 400 circuit boards at a time.

In addition to office space, the facility also include space to manufacture circuit boards for electronic devices. Employees work with machines that can attach all of the various circuit components onto the board from ribbons that are fed into the machines.

Employees can then assemble some of the boards as part of devices such as train event recorders, which are the black boxes for trains that record everything a train does for federal officials in case there is a crash or some other incident.

Trains that are based out of Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Newark and Nebraska generally use event recorders produced by Elemaster, Smith said.

Partnership Gwinnett Chief Economic Development Officer Nick Masino said a group of Gwinnett economic and government officials, along with others Georgia-based officials, visited Elemaster Group in Italy for two years to convince its leaders to pick the county for its new office.

Masino, Duluth City Councilman Kelly Kelkenberg and Gwinnett County Economic Development Manager Shantell Wilson helped company officials cut the ribbon to open the office.

“Oh my God, it’s awesome,” Masino said of the company’s decision to open in Duluth afterward. “What we really love is with 27 other Italian companies (in Gwinnett), here comes another one. We have more Italian companies than any other part of Georgia. There’s only about 40 (in the state) and we have 27. We really enjoy the compliment because (Elemaster) could be anywhere and they’ve chosen to invest here in Gwinnett.”

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