Man convicted in 2014 beating of ex-girlfriend

Michael Curtis Smith

Michael Curtis Smith will spend the next six years of his life in jail for beating up his ex-girlfriend and taking her cellphone and keys.

A jury convicted Smith, 32, on Wednesday on a felony charge of family violence battery and a misdemeanor charge of theft by taking related to the 2014 incident. The jurors acquitted him on a third charge of making terroristic threats for allegedly threatening his ex-girlfriend while on the phone with a Gwinnett County cop.

“The victim refused to testify and was held in contempt,” the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement. “The state played a recorded jail phone call where the defendant instructed the victim to refuse to cooperate and to plea the Fifth. The defendant was sentenced to the maximum of six years to serve in confinement.”

In a statement explaining the crime, the District Attorney’s Office said the cops were called to the ex-girlfriend’s apartment on June 12, 2014, in response to her claims that Smith showed up drunk and beat her before taking her phone and keys. Police recorded that she had a cut on her shoulder, a “busted” lip and swelling on her face, according to prosecutors.

Smith had previously lived with his ex before they broke up, and prosecutors said they have a child together. Jail records from Wednesday listed him as currently having a Stockbridge address.

“For her safety, the police officers showed her how to barricade her door since the defendant now had the keys to her apartment,” the District Attorney’s Office said in its statement. “One of the officers used his phone to call the victim’s cell phone to try and make contact with the defendant.”

Prosecutors added that Smith had previously been convicted of family violence battery in a different case, and that the charges were brought as a felony for this case as a result.

The case was prosecuted by John Batchelor and Samantha Routh while David Todd Wooten was Smith’s attorney and Judge Karen E. Beyers presided over the case.

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