Police respond to 2 human-trafficking cases in 1 night at same hotel

Betric Quintavious Walton

In Room 239, a pimp kept a young woman “working” at Horizon Inn and Suites by threatening to hurt her family. In another room, another pimp beat another young woman when she refused to “make money” to pay for the room.

Both victims came into contact with Gwinnett County police by happenstance Sunday at the Dawson Boulevard motel outside Norcross. Both 911 calls were for the same reason: residents in the motel heard a woman being beaten.

The stories are detailed in police reports released Thursday to the Daily Post.

The accounts offer insight on women’s plight and how both ended the night in different positions. One got picked up by family and began dreaming about starting over. The other just got a fresh key card to her room and some hope her pimp wouldn’t be able to get back inside.

The first call came to Room 239.

When officer D.C. Werner knocked, the woman “looked terrified,” Werner wrote in his report.

Her “boyfriend,” an Atlanta man identified by police as Betric Quintavious Walton, 25, wasn’t there. The victim, a 22-year-old whose identity is being withheld, kept eyeing the door as she spoke with the officer, apparently worried Walton would arrive.

“(She) was very hesitant to share information about her boyfriend, but eventually she broke down and cried saying she never calls the cops on him because he said he would do something to her family if she did,” Werner wrote.

The woman put the officer’s hand on a lump along her hairline where Walton had hit her, the report said.

Looking at the woman, who wore a short skirt and had high heel wedges on the dresser, Werner wondered what else was going on. But she denied it at first.

He agreed to take her to the Doraville MARTA Station to be picked up by her sister. As they were pulling out of the parking lot, they saw a woman wearing tight jean shorts knocking on the door of Room 239.

The victim “urgently” asked Werner not to get the other woman’s attention. They drove away.

At the MARTA stop, “I explained … that I used to be an SVU detective and there was nothing she could say to shock me or make me judge her,” Werner wrote. “I asked (her) if I was on the right track and she nodded her head.”

She said she met Walton three years ago after having troubles with her mother at home. She gave him half the money she made working for him.

The officer gave the woman phone numbers for Georgia Cares and Street Grace Ministries, organizations that help victims of sex trafficking. He mentioned that they could get her a medical exam and a place to stay.

She “lit up” and asked if they could help her finish school.

They likely could, the officer said.

She thanked Werner and left with the sister.

Later that night, Werner responded to the hotel to another call of another woman being beaten on the same side of the hotel.

“During that investigation, the woman admitted her ‘boyfriend’ was drunk and angry with her for not ‘working’ to pay for the hotel room they shared,” the officer wrote. “(She) said that she gives all her money to her boyfriend and that she believes her boyfriend was friends with (the other victim’s) boyfriend.”

But the police couldn’t find the second pimp. The victim only knew him as a 25-year-old man who goes by “Dreads,” a nickname that seems odd considering that he is shaved bald.

Walton, though, arrived at the Gwinnett jail Tuesday on charges of human trafficking, pimping and battery. He’s also held for authorities in Atlanta and DeKalb County.

Before the most recent arrest, he had been out on bond in a DeKalb prostitution case from late March, court records show.