At a meeting last week, Johns Creek City Council gave the go ahead to buy new camera systems, software and cloud storage for the police force as part of a package deal that includes body cams, in-car camera systems, interview room cameras and taser upgrades — at a cost of about $1.5 million over a five-year contract term.

Prior to the motion passing unanimously, Mayor Mike Bodker said he recognized “how important this is in those worst-case scenarios … where we need to prove with evidence what actually transpires, but I also appreciate the fact that for a city that prides itself on transparency, you can’t get any more transparent than having that camera running.”

Added Bodker: “It’s good for the police, and it’s good for the citizens.”

The contract was awarded to Axon Enterprises for the purchase of the body worn camera system, bundled with an integrated system of in-car cameras, interview room cameras and a Taser 7 upgrade. It also included cloud storage and security, software licensing, replacement hardware and software upgrades, installation, training and five-year maintenance and warranty.

Police Chief Ed Densmore, who spoke at the July 8 meeting, said the changes would be made “across the board.”

He said Johns Creek Police currently do not have a body worn camera system and that the new program would be implemented in early fall 2019.

Councilman Lenny Zaprowski said he felt the move would “make (police) hopefully a lot safer … it seems like there’s many benefits, keeping our public a lot safer as well. I’m 100 percent supportive.”