Larry Pettiford - Suwanee City Council Post 2

Age: 57

Occupation: President of 1st Sight Auto Inc. in Suwanee

Education: Community College Of The Air Force, Wake Tech, Lanier Tech, Georgia Real Estate Appraisal Academy

Lived in Suwanee: 15 years

Political Experience: Two years on the Suwanee Zoning Board of Appeals; Seven years on the Suwanee Planning Commission

Community Involvement: (Original) 2020 Vision Plan Development; 2030 Comprehensive Plan; Suwanee Day Festivals

Why I am running?

To represent the residents of Suwanee, that currently don't get a sense, or have confidence that their concerns related to Suwanee's growth are being heard and/or seriously considered.

What is the biggest issue I see?

Based on conversations with several Suwanee residents, as well as some of my own personal observations, there appears to be a lack of true advocacy for the residents, affected by purposed development decisions.

What I would like to accomplish when elected?

As an Air Force Veteran, I experienced a consistent unity across leadership lines. It would be great to witness a sincere harmony between the residents ideas for Suwanee's growth, and the developmental goals of our city's leadership teams. Living in Suwanee should not be stressful, when it's avoidable.