Heather Hall - Suwanee City Council Post 1

Age: 50

Occupation: Physician's assistant

Education: Undergraduate at Boise State University, master's degree from Duke University's Medical School Department of Family Medicine, post graduate studies at the Johns Hopkins physician assistant general survey internship

Lived in City Since: 2016

Political Experience: None

Community Involvement: Attends Epiphany Lutheran

Why are you running?

I love living in Suwanee. There are a number of organizations that support inclusion, of our fellow citizens with mental illness, into social events. Suwanee is a terrific place to tear a family.Over the last few years there has been fast paced growth in Suwanee. I have not run for public office prior to this election.

What do you see is the biggest issue facing the city?

There are two main issues that spurred my interest in running for city council. (First), We lost our Fire Dept and paramedics. Gaining a microbrewery is fun, but those women and men served our community well. Along with the development of corporate apartments and town houses, I began to wonder about our tax structure. The transient nature of renters, who do not pay into the community, vs. development of starter to moderate priced single family homes is questionable. There is no growth in the tax base with incentives for corporate developers. Without responsible slow and a sustainable tax base we have an untenable stress on our traffic flows, schools and other resources. (Second), I see potential to build on to the overwhelming support for citizens with special needs.

What would you like to accomplish if elected?

I want: to slow corporate residential growth and focus on balanced family housing; to support financial incentives for local businesses to provide part time employment to citizens with mental health needs; to support and development of technology based business; to balance property tax structure.