The Gwinnett County Board of Education agenda revealed a look at the Seckinger High School site plan.

Gwinnett County Public Schools plans to open Seckinger High School in August 2022, but the school system already has an idea what the campus will look like thanks to a site plan submitted by the architectural design firm, Smallwood.

The school, which will be located at 3621 Sardis Church Road in Buford, will be located west of its athletics fields and will also have an entrance on West Rock Quarry Road. Fields included in the plan are a football stadium, practice field, baseball and softball complexes and four tennis courts.

There is a detention pond and another body of water on the site plan. The site of the school is near Hamilton Mill Road, where it crosses over Interstate 85.

On Nov. 4, the school district received proposals from five Construction Management at Risk firms for Construction Management at Risk Services for the upcoming Seckinger High School project. At Thursday’s monthly meeting, GCPS Facilities Chief Operations Officer Walt Martin is expected to recommend the Gwinnett County Board of Education is set to adopt a motion to award a contract to one of the five proposing firms. The selection committee is expected to recommend Carroll Daniel Construction of Gainesville, which is contracted by GCPS for several active projects.

In December 2018, the Board of Education voted to name the new theme high school opening in the Mill Creek Cluster after former District II Board Member Daniel D. Seckinger. He served the Gwinnett County Board of Education for 24 years. He elected not to defend his seat in last year’s election.

The total cost for the project will be within the budget of the 2019 General Obligation Bond program.