Pancakes are a beloved breakfast food. Fluffy and filling, pancakes can be soaked in syrup and/or topped with any number of fruits or nuts. Pancakes also can be turned into delicious desserts when paired with ice cream and other treats.

Travel precautions will be imposed for individuals coming to the US from Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo -- two countries fighting recent outbreaks of the Ebola virus, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted new recommendations Friday on the importance of good ventilation in preventing coronavirus spread in schools and daycares. Its top recommendation: Open a window.


This week, millions in Texas are reeling from a historic cold front that has left damage across the state. Beyond the widespread rolling power outages, many residents are also experiencing flooding emergencies due to freezing pipes.


Orchids are some of the most attractive and colorful flowers that come in many shapes and sizes. Growing them at home is somewhat tricky, but they will reward you with their beauty if given the proper conditions.

There's enough to worry about during a pregnancy, even without a pandemic. As the vaccine rollout continues, there's still concern over its impact on pregnancy. Covid-19 has added an entirely new layer of health anxiety for anyone expecting a child. That's why one of the biggest questions on…

I have always lived among the Irish. I grew up in Boston, a legendary Celtic hub, and settled in Missoula, Montana, 100 miles downstream from America’s most Irish city per capita: Butte. I used to credit my affinity for that feisty tribe to this coincidental geographic overlap, but now I see…


If a steaming bowl of soup strikes you as the ultimate in old-fashioned comfort, you've got plenty of company. Soup is one of the world's oldest and most universal foods, said Janet Clarkson, author of the book "Soup: A Global History."

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Two separate teams of researchers said this week they have found a worrying new coronavirus variant in New York City and elsewhere in the Northeast that carries mutations that help it evade the body's natural immune response -- as well as the effects of monoclonal antibody treatments.

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