5215 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 620

Peachtree Corners


Open Since: May 18

Owners: Esteban Tan, Brian Lee and Peng Xu

Hours: 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays

Location: In the Peachtree Corners Town Center, next to For Eyes and on the block between Firebird’s Grill and the Peachtree Corners Town Green.

Atmosphere: Beard Papa’s interior has an open layout with bright yellows serving as a key part of the color scheme.

Customers can walk in and head straight to the counter to place an order and then walk around the corner of the counter and look through a glass partition to watch the pastry shop’s employees fill the puff with the customer’s chosen custard cream and then place it in a paper wrapper.

There is bench seating along a wood-paneled wall so customers can sit at tables on that side of the shop’s dining area — but customers who sit across the table from anyone sitting on the bench will be sitting on a chair.

The opposite side of the dining area has tables which feature chair-only seating.

Co-owner Esteban Tan said the restaurant draws a mixed crowd ranging from young families to senior citizens. Teenagers and young professionals come to the shop as well.

“(The puffs) are kind of like a dessert and everybody likes a sweet treat every now and then,” Tan said.

As far as when Beard Papa’s is packed, Tan said the busiest times are at lunch time, after dinner on weekdays and from 3 until 5 p.m. on weekends.

Menu: Beard Papa’s main menu item is its cream puffs, which are custom-made.

Customers choose one of three puff types — a plain puff, a puff topped with chocolate icing and a puff topped with green tea icing — and then choose whether they want it filled with vanilla, chocolate or green tea custard cream.

Tan said customers will not find puff shells in the display case that are leftovers from a previous day. Everything on the menu is made fresh the day it is sold and the cream is not inserted into the puff shells until the customer places his or her order, he said.

“We come in early in the morning and everything we sell today, we bake today,” Tan said. “The cream we put inside (the puffs) is also made fresh from scratch every day. We use all natural ingredients — whole milk, sugar (and) Madagascar vanilla beans.”

Some flavors will be rotated on a monthly basis, although the original puff will be a mainstay on the menu. Tan said the original puff with vanilla cream filling has been popular so far.

“Original vanilla is always going to be the go-to item,” he said. “You can taste the freshness of the custard cream.”

There are other menu items available beside the puffs, however. The pastry shop currently offers a single serving crème brûlée and a single serving chocolate fondant, which is similar to a chocolate lava cake.

Tan said there will be some new menu items added soon. A crispy almond cream-filled doughnut-type dessert is expected to become available in mid-June, and a honey butter puff is expected to become available around the end of the month.

Something You May Not Know: Beard Papa’s is a Japan-based pastry shop chain with about 400 locations around the world — particularly throughout Asia — but Peachtree Corners is its only location in the southeastern U.S.

Tan said he and Lee and Xu are looking at the possibility of building a multi-location Beard Papa’s franchise in the Atlanta area, but they haven’t decided where other stores might be located.

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