Casey has a dilemma.

She wants to throw a neighborhood party, but everyone on Sesame Street, where Casey runs the community center, has a different theme.

Elmo wants an ‘Elmo Party,’ Big Bird thinks it would be better to have a ‘Big Bird Party’ and Rosita believes a fiesta would be best to bring all of the iconic characters together for an afternoon of fun.

Which kind of party will be thrown? Find out by going to see “Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party,” which will stop at the Infinite Energy Arena for four shows from Nov. 8-10 before heading to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre for five performances from Nov. 15 – Nov. 17.

“All the characters work together and learn how to compromise, which is a lesson that kids should learn,” said Juanita Olivo, who plays Casey. “Some adults also need to be reminded of how when you have differences, it’s good to compromise. The show is a celebration of society. It’s a celebration of individuality and everyone learning to get a long even though our differences.”

“Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party” features Cookie Monster, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Oscar the Grouch and others throughout the two-act, 90-minute performance that brings the Emmy Award-winning show to life. However, Bert and Ernie are “on vacation and won’t there,” Olivo said.

“The characters, songs, and lessons of Sesame Street are timeless because adults and children feel encouraged to participate in the content,” Producer Nicole Feld said. “For this new approach to Sesame Street Live!, my vision as a producer, and also as a parent, is to create an equally engaging live experience that welcomes the entire family to dance, sing, and play with these fun characters and each other.”

The show stresses the themes of community, diversity, conservation and teamwork.

“They teach Oscar the Grouch how to recycle and Rosita teaches everyone some words in Spanish because there are people who speak two languages and we want the show to be about inclusiveness,” Olivo said. “Our themes go across all genders, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.”

The audience will sing along with plenty of Sesame Street hits, including Oscar’s “I Love Trash” and Cookie Monster’s “C is for Cookie.” They will also dance with Elmo and help Abby Cadabby when her magic doesn’t go as planned, in addition to learning about Big Bird’s feathered friends in what Olivo said is “a very interactive show.”

“Sesame Workshop is proud to partner with Feld Entertainment on this new chapter for Sesame Street Live!” said Scott Chambers, Senior Vice President and General Manager of North America Media and Licensing at Sesame Workshop. “We are both committed to creating experiences that deepen our connection with families, and this new production supports Sesame’s mission of helping children grow smarter, stronger, and kinder in an unforgettable way.”

While “Sesame Street” has always been geared toward young children, “Sesame Street Live!: Let’s Party” appeals to everyone.

“It brings families together because it’s multi-generational,” Olivo said. “You have parents who watched the show bringing their kids who are watching it now, and you have grandparents who grew up watching it, too. I always love looking into the crowd and seeing everyone’s reaction when they see their favorite character, whether they are an adult or a kid.”