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Peachtree Cafe announced it will close its current Lawrenceville location at the end of August in preparation for its move to a new location a short distance away in the SouthLawn development this fall.

Peachtree Cafe will close its Lawrenceville restaurant at the end of this month, but fans of the eatery don’t have to worry — it’s just part of the restaurant’s plans to move down the street.

The restaurant announced its plans to close the current Lawrenceville location in the coming weeks on Facebook Saturday. Peachtree Cafe has been located at 50 South Clayton St. for years, but that part of the street will be part of the second phase of Lawrenceville’s SouthLawn redevelopment project.

So Peachtree Cafe will be on the move this fall.

“We are currently in the process of having our brand new building built next door,” Peachtree Cafe officials said in their Facebook post. “We will be closing our doors at 50 S. Clayton at the end of the month, and will be hosting our grand opening (in) early November (at) 30 S. Clayton.”

Peachtree Cafe’s new location will be part of the first phase of SouthLawn, putting it only a short walk from its current location. The announcement offers the first clue of how soon that first phase of SouthLawn will begin opening to the public.

The new location will have some new menu items, patio dining, a group dining room and a coffee bar and lounge, according to the post on Peachtree Cafe’s Facebook page.

The restaurant’s owners said they are looking forward to the move, but are encouraging customers to enjoy the current location at least one more time before it closes.

“Make sure to come by and say goodbye and share a moment with our old location,” the owners said. “This is where it all began for us and appreciate all the love and support through this process. This is a very exciting time for us and we look forward to you all enjoying our brand new place with a more modern feel but still the same family environment. Please take pictures share them and spread the news!”

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