The fiendish Gorgon is coming to south Gwinnett this fall — and so is an army of reptilian prehistoric clones.

Netherworld announced tickets are now on sale for this year’s main haunted house, which will be called “Night of the Gorgon.” The haunt is expected to open Sept. 27 at the year-round haunted attraction, which is located near Stone Mountain Park.

“The slightest glimpse of the nightmarish Gorgon in Eliza Whyshman’s accursed mirror is a fate worse than death,” Netherworld said in an Instagram announcement. “Now an apocalyptic cult is using this evil power to create an army of stone warriors to crush any who dare oppose them. Flee for your lives before the sun sets on the Night of the Gorgon!”

It is one of two haunted houses that Netherworld will operate this year. The other haunt is called “Cold Blooded,” which features a science fiction horror theme with weaponized prehistoric life form clones that have had reptilian DNA spliced into them.

Tickets can be purchased at Visitors who want to go through either Night of the Gorgon or Cold Blooded can use the promo code “NIGHT” to get a $5 discount off all SpeedPasses and General Admission Combo Tickets.

Netherworld is located at 2076 West Park Place Boulevard in unincorporated Stone Mountain.

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