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Throughout our area, camellias are a favorite evergreen shrub. They have attractive dark green broad leaves, and they bloom prolifically during the cold weather months.

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The autumn season is upon us. After the unseasonably hot and dry month of September, the cooler weather is a welcome relief, as are the recent rains. Although not as brilliant as a result of the drought, the leaves are beginning to show their fall color. While we’re admiring all the reds, or…

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More than 20,000 people are expected to visit Stone Mountain Park this weekend as the content of Country Living magazine comes to life.

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Spring has arrived, and soon we will begin seeing butterflies in our gardens. They are some of the most familiar and beautiful of all insects. Many different species visit our gardens including the monarch, painted lady, swallowtails, and the viceroy. They are fascinating and beautiful to ob…

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