‘Doom Patrol’ sneak peek featuring Lawrenceville Square turns up on YouTube

A sneak peak clip of the DC Universe’s show Doom Patrol that showed up on multiple YouTube channels Tuesday shows a battle taking place in the middle of Perry Street on the Lawrenceville Square. (Photo: The Red Arrow / DC Universe / YouTube)

Traffic can sometimes be a nightmare around the Lawrenceville Square, but adding explosions, superheroes and a giant malevolent blob rolling down Perry Street certainly can’t help.

A 41-second sneak peak clip for DC Comic’s new series “Doom Patrol” that features the square dropped Tuesday and it quickly made its way to at least a couple of YouTube channels. The series will premiere Friday on the DC Universe video-on-demand streaming service.

The clip features a battle taking place in the middle of Perry Street and shows Doom Patrol members Robotman and Crazy Jane, portrayed by Brendan Fraser and Diane Guerrero respectively, going into battle against a giant blob rolling past Fleet Feet Sports and Local Republic toward a packed school bus.

Crazy Jane and Robotman start out on the lawn of the Historic Gwinnett County Courthouse and then head into the middle of the street for the battle.

There are explosions, a water line busts out of the ground and shoots water into the air and Robotman rips part of the roadbed up in an attempt to stop the blob.

The clip can be viewed at youtu.be/L_PEQ8lpPIM.

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