Château Élan

Local vegans who love wine now have a place close to home where they can buy certified vegan wine: Château Élan Winery and Resort.

The Braselton winery recently announced it’s the first southeastern winery to receive global vegan certification by BevVeg International, a law firm that specializes in vegan certification, regulation and advocacy.

Château Élan has received certification for its muscadine wines, including Duncan Creek, Duncan Creek Red, Duncan Creek Rose, Summer Wine, Spring Blossom and Autumn Blush.

Though made from grapes, many wines use animal-derived products during the winemaking process to remove protein, yeast, cloudiness, flavor, coloring and other organic particles, Château Élan said.

“Around the world, conscious companies are starting to embrace higher standards of production and Château Élan joins the prestigious ranks of wineries using a plant-based, cruelty-free approach through extensive review of its production practices and ingredients verified by BevVeg International,” a statement said.

Executive Winemaker at Château Élan Winery and Resort, Simone Bergese, said the certification is his “biggest career accomplishment” in his time at Château Élan.

In his last seven years at the winery, Bergese has boosted production from 7,000 cases of only seven wine variations to now producing 35,000 cases of 27 different varietals.

The winery’s ultimate goal, Bergese said, is to transform its winemaking process to one that promotes healthy and cruelty-free standards.

“Château Élan has begun by eliminating additives and animal derivatives in its winemaking,” Bergese said.

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