Are you a prankster at heart? Challenge yourself with this April Fool’s Trivia!

(Answers can be found at the end)

1. Traditionally, at what time of day on April Fool’s should all pranks and joking cease?

a. Midnight

b. Noon

c. Sunset

d. 3 p.m.

2. One theory states that the origin of April Fool’s Day goes back to which biblical figure?

a. Noah

b. Judas

c. Moses

d. Cain

3. On April 1, 1996, restaurant chain Taco Bell tricked the public into believing it had purchased which historical monument?

a. The Statue of Liberty

b. The Empire State Building

c. The Liberty Bell

d. The Declaration of Independence

4. The French often stick cutouts of what kind of creature onto peoples’ backs on April first?

a. Pigs

b. Fish

c. Goats

d. Monkeys

5. As a prank in 2009, where did Expedia say travelers could go?

a. Mars

b. Orion’s Belt

c. Pluto

d. The moon

6. It is believed that the origin of April Fools is from the adoption of which new calendar?

a. Julian

b. Solar

c. Byzantine

d. Gregorian

7. In Spain and Latin America, a day for pranks equivalent to April Fools is held in which month of the year?

a. May

b. December

c. January

d. June

8. Which restaurant chain fooled the public on April 1, 1998 with the introduction of a fictional sandwich specifically for left-handed people?

a. McDonald’s

b. Subway

c. Hardee’s

d. Burger King


1. Noon

All jokes and pranks are to stop by noon on April first. If not, in some countries the person pulling the prank is seen as the fool rather than the person fooled by it. This tradition is slowing losing favor and pranks are carried throughout the day.

2. Noah

The theory goes back to Noah releasing the dove from the ark to search for dry land.

3. The Liberty Bell

Taco Bell put out a full-page advertisement in several leading newspapers to announce they had purchased the Liberty Bell to help reduce the national debt.

4. Fish

April Fools Day is referred to as April Fish Day in France, with jokes and pranks centering on, as you may have guessed, fish.

5. Mars

The price of the flight was listed at $99. The site said the buyer would save 3 trillion dollars.

6. Gregorian

This calendar, adopted in 1582, changed the date of New Year to January 1. People who forgot this change were mocked by their friends.

7. December

December 28th, which also marks the observance of “Holy Innocents Day,” is a traditional day for pranking in Spain and several parts of Latin America.

8. Burger King

Burger King released an ad for the fictitious “Left-Handed Whopper” on April Fool’s Day 1998. Reportedly thousands of customers went to their restaurants requesting the sandwich.

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