In these divided and often scary times — that we’re all living in together — is laughter inappropriate or is humor the best medicine?

Standup comic Bert Kreischer knows where he stands on the issue.

“(Comedy is) more important than ever,” said Kreischer, who brings his Fully Loaded Comedy Festival to Coolray Field in Lawrenceville at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 25. “I think everything can be made funny — you can make a joke about everything. Having said that, there are things I don’t joke about.

“My goal these days isn’t to push the envelope as hard as I can — my goal is to make sure everyone that comes to my show has a fantastic time… When you giggle, you cannot think about the thing that’s stressing you out — you just laugh.

“With everything going on in this country — with the division between the vaxxers and the anti-vaxxers and the right and the left and all that horribleness — the goal of the comic is to bring you into the room and let you forget about all that stuff for a minute, and even sometimes the thing that is bad can be tickled and make you giggle and see it from a different perspective.”

A standup comedian for more than two decades, Kreischer has successfully parlayed his decidedly-adult point of view (and his often-shirtless performances) into television specials, books, albums and podcasts. And in recent years he’s piled up the honors, earning Pollstar’s No. 1 standup touring artist (in the middle of a pandemic, no less) and Variety’s 2021 Creative Impact in Comedy Award.

Hitting minor-league baseball stadiums throughout the summer, the Fully Loaded Comedy Festival will feature an evening of yuks and chuckles as Kreischer will be supported at Coolray Field by fellow comics Nikki Glaser, Big Jay Oakerson, Mark Normand, Joey Diaz, Shane Gillis and Brian Simpson.

Kreisher said he got the idea for the comedy festival after his 2020 tour of drive-in movie theaters.

“I had a special come out in March of 2020, three days before stay-at-home orders,” he said. “I was sitting there with a special that I’d been busting my (deleted) for on for Netflix and all of America is inside, so I have all of America watching my special, right? It was very fortuitous that my special came out then. So I didn’t want to sit on my hands — I was going crazy thinking I’ve got to go out and support this special.”

Kreischer initially signed up for four shows and wound up doing 70, all at drive-in movie theaters.

“I think I was the No. 1 touring artist in the world because no one was touring,” he said. “At one point, it was just me and Shakira out there. So I had fun bragging about that.”

Like most comics, Kreischer is a student of the art form (although he’d be the first to tell you he’s not a scholar) and said the first comedians he “geeked out on” were Andy Griffith and Dick Gregory, adding that his favorite all-time funnyman is Dave Attell, who made some appearances at the Fully Loaded Comedy Festival. Kreisher said his education in comedy is ongoing.

“Every comic kind of knows more than the average person, just out of necessity,” he said. “When you get into comedy, you fall in love with comedy and you realize how great and beautiful it is and how well it’s done by other people and you dive real deep… Once you become a comic and you realize how much you don’t know, you really start discovering it.”

It would seem that the only medium Kreischer hasn’t yet conquered is feature films, and he said he’s working on that.

“I know what my year looks like,” he said. “I’m doing another (TV) special and all my focus is on that. (Writer, comedian and podcaster) Tom Segura and I are supposed to do a movie we’re in development for and my wife and I in development on a movie I’m really excited about as well.

“I wouldn’t mind doing a couple more movies and maybe two more specials and then doing this festival and then pumping the brakes and doing some things here and there. I’m burning the candle at both ends right now — I’d love to be able to reap the rewards. It would be cool to do a sit-com for nine years and just sit at home and drive over to a studio. But I’m not sure if that exists anymore.”

For more information about the Fully Loaded Comedy Festival at Cooray Field, visit

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