ART BEAT: Tannery Row’s inaugural 3D juried show celebrates sculpture

Artist Karen Adams’ sculpture titled “Horned Man of the Sea” is one of the winning pieces of artwork at Tannery Row Artist Colony’s first 3D Juried Exhibition. (Special Photo)

A new and unique arts experience is available in Buford as Tannery Row Artist Colony’s first 3D art exhibition is on view and will remain up through July 28. Twenty-five artists submitted over 40 works to be juried by sculptor Kevin Chambers.

“The artists utilized a wide array of both conventional and unconventional materials, including bronze, ceramic, stone and glass, found objects like books, light fixtures, candles, animal teeth, extension cords and mannequins,” Tannery Row spokesperson Debra Barnhart said.

Tannery Row Artist Colony is located at 554 W. Main St. in Buford. It is a collective of 15 artists who use the space for personal studios.

The new 3D show was the brainchild of Bree Sauers, an artist who has been a Tannery Row participant for 7 years.

“I was excited by the idea of producing our first juried exhibition that was dedicated entirely to sculpture,” Sauers said.

Juror Kevin Chambers is a classical sculptor who works primarily in bronze. He has collaborated on numerous projects for clients like Soho Myriad, Johnson Studio, Four Seasons, the Hilton and the Ritz Carlton. In 2015, Chambers was elected into the National Sculpture Society, the oldest and most prestigious group of professional sculptors in the U.S.

Chambers awarded first place in the inaugural show to Jane Jaskevich for her piece titled “Dream.” Karen Adams’ unique piece titled “Horned Man of the Sea” placed second. Third place went to Aleta Adams for her work titled “Voices.” Honorable mention went to Richard Shivers for “Quilted Bowl.”

Among the Tannery Row Artists, first place was awarded to “Damaged as Shooting Stars” by Bree Sauers. Second place went to Christine Canova for “And So it Grows.” Debra Barnhart received a third-place award for “Female Landscape.” Honorable Mention was awarded to Judy Isaak for “Salvador.”

“Horned Man of the Sea” creator Karen Adams trained as a painter but has been working with clay for the past three years.

“I needed another way to describe the human figure,” Adams said, “and I found clay to be an ideal medium. ‘Horned Man of the Sea’ was inspired by gods associated with both the earth and the sea.

“Throughout history, there have been gods dedicated to either land or sea. This one is dedicated to both. The seashells on his head represent the sea; his horns represent land.”

Aleta Aaron, the artist who created “Voices,” is a trained psychotherapist.

“Ancient sculptures were my influence for ‘Voices,’” Aaron said. “In fact, ‘Voices’ is somewhat reminiscent of the sculptures found on Easter Island. The title ‘Voices’ is a reference to the fact that the ancient god represented has heard a great deal over the years.”

Tannery Row Artist Colony is open to the public from noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. For more information about Tannery Row and the 3D juried exhibition, visit

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