ART BEAT: Echo Gallery artists present ‘Arbitrary Echoes’ exhibition

Vickie McCrary is one of four artists from Echo Gallery and Artist Colony showing work in the exhibition “Arbitrary Echoes — A Reflection Of The World Around Us” at The Rectory in Norcross through March 11. (Special Photo)

What makes the work of an artist speak to you? According to Echo Gallery’s Vicki McCray, it is the concept of “perceptions, sensations interpreted in the light of experiences.”

Four artists, each with their own perceptions, are featured at The Rectory in Norcross with an exhibition titled “Arbitrary Echoes — A Reflection of the World Around Us.”

“These works contain images which serve to take the viewer on a journey through the emotions and feelings of their shared experiences,” McCrary said.

The four artists whose work is being exhibited are all a part of Echo Gallery and Artist Colony, located in Suwanee. The artists are Vickie McCrary, Sandra Achovic, Wendy Anett Alvarez and Kevin Aurand.

Vickie A. McCrary has been painting since the age of 5. Originally from Tennessee, she has studio space in Suwanee as well as in Pensacola, Fla.

“I paint in the truest sense of the Expressionism genre, using my life experiences to translate and transcend emotions,” McCrary said. The result is an intimacy in all her works that resonate with the viewer.

Sandra Soldo Achovic is a native of Bosnia and Herzegovina, now calling Suwanee her home. She finds inspiration by taking long strolls through nature, absorbing the peace and quiet to help her form ideas. She is interested in the process of painting more than the finished piece and paints emotionally rather than technically. In her figurative work, women emerge as heroines, conveying emotions more as symbols than as actual figures.

Wendy Anett Alvarez was raised in a beautiful home in Guadalajara, Mexico, that was always decorated with the classics. This influenced her love for the classical style of painting. Pulling colors up from a dark background, she derives satisfaction seeing the final image emerge and develop. Recently, she has begun to experiment with a new palette of tones, working in a brighter space through her traditional style. Although the visual effect is different from her earlier work, the goal is unchanged. Wendy seeks to communicate to the world around her through her painting, inviting the viewer to see and hear her perceptions.

Kevin Aurand was born in Oregon, Ill., and moved to Atlanta in 1979 to attend the Atlanta College of Art. He works primarily with mixed media on paper, acrylic painting, and pen and ink drawings in an abstract style. Kevin is influenced by abstract expressionism, the surrealists and the modern media of animation. Kevin’s work has always been about how the human mind communicates as he explores the things that can’t be seen except in the soul of the viewer.

The show runs through March 11. Admittance to the gallery is available by calling the city of Norcross at 678-421-2048, 678-421-2049 or 678-421-2025. All pieces are available for sale, and there is no admission fee. The Rectory is located at 17 College St. in Norcross.

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