GWINNETT SUPERIOR COURT TRADE NAME REGISTRATION MINUTE BOOK 19-T PAGE 00649 Personally appeared the undersigned who on oath deposes and says that: WYND REALTY LLC, 151 TED TURNER DR, ATLANTA, GA 30303 is/are doing business in Gwinnett County, Georgia under the name of: BUTTERFLY REALTY1, 3720 GIN WAY, SNELLVILLE, GA 30039 and that the nature of the business to be carried on at such address is: REAL ESTATE SALES -s- Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 20th day of June, 2019 -s- Stephanie Rodriguez Notary Public Filed in Office Clerk Superior Court Gwinnett County, GA 19 JUL 25 933-610141, 8/14,21 "$adID"