Details for JPMORGAN CHASE BANK 19-A-00121-8

IN THE STATE COURT OF GWINNETT COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA CIVIL ACTION NO: 19-A-00121-8 JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., Plaintiff, vs. JUAN SANCHEZ, Defendant, NOTICE OF SERVICE OF SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION To: Juan Sanchez, last known addresses 2898 Winchester Court, Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia 30096 and 2867 Oxford way, Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia 30096 You are hereby notified that the above styled action seeking deed reformation and declaratory judgement with regard to real property located in Gwinnett County, Georgia was filed against you in Gwinnett County Superior Court on January 4, 2019, and that by reason of an Order for service of summons by publication entered by the Court on May 8, 2019, you are hereby commanded and required to file with the Clerk of said Court and serve upon Taylor Weitz, attorney for Plaintiff, whose address is BARRETT DAFFIN FRAPPIER TURNER & ENGEL, LLP, Crescent Centre, 100 Crescent Centre Parkway, Suite 625, Tucker, GA 30084, an Answer to the Complaint within sixty (60) days of the order for service by publication WITNESS, the HONORABLE R. Timothy Hamil, Judge of said Court. This the 14 day of May 2019. -s- Richard T. Alexander, Jr., Clerk of Gwinnett County Superior Court Gwinnett-A9 County 930-601537, 6/12,19,26,7/3 "$adID"