Details for 6136 KESWICK ROW

NOTICE OF PUBLICATION OF SERVICE PETITIONER: ZERIUS CARTER RESPONDENTS: A TRACT OF LAND KNOWN AS 6136 KESWICK ROW, GWINNETT County, GA, Tax Parcel ID: R6139B050; And, as the respective interests may be or Appear: Tenant/Occupant of property; Hubert Michael Hay; Estate of Albert G Mize and All Heirs Known and Unknown; All persons having of record in Gwinnett County any right, title, interest in, or lien upon the respondent property; All creditors of any of these entities; and ALL THE WORLD. GWINNETT COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT, CIVIL ACTION NO: 19-A-05937-1 RE: PETITION TO QUIET TITLE 6136 KESWICK ROW, GWINNETT COUNTY, Being A/K/A T.P.I.D. No. R6139B050 (the “Respondent Property”). DATE PETITION FILED: June 13, 2019 DATE OF ORDER FOR PUBLICATION: July 29, 2019. TO: NAMED RESPONDENTS; and/or ANY AND ALL OTHER INTERESTED PARTIES, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN [The “Respondent(s)” in the Referenced Action - Petition to Quiet Title]. TAKE NOTICE THAT Petitioner, has caused to be filed, in the Superior Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia, a Petition to Quiet Title, in conjunction with the above referenced parcel of land; under the provisions of O.C.G.A., §48-4-40 et seq, and § 23-4-40—44 & 23 3 60, et seq. Petitioner is seeking an order to quiet title to the Respondent Property. For the specifics of such pleas for relief the Parties Respondent must refer to the original petition and all other pleadings filed with the court. All Respondent(s) are hereby noticed and commanded to be and appear at the court in which this action is pending within 60 days of the date of the Order for service by publication. All named Respondent(s) are to file any response or answer with the Clerk of the Superior Court of the above referenced Court, at the address show below: Clerk, Superior Court of Gwinnett County 75 Langley Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30436 with a copy of such response or answer to be sent to the Attorney for the Petitioner, whose name and address is: Douglas McKillip, 22 N Main St., Bldg B,, Watkinsville, GA 30677. A Special Master Hearing will be held on October 16, 2019 at the Office of the Special Master, Tom Barton, Coles Barton LLP, 150 South Perry Street, Suite 100, Lawrenceville, GA 30046. At the hearing the Plaintiff and Defendant shall show cause as to what interest, if any, each has in and to the subject property by documentary evidence and citation to applicable law. Concurrently with the publication of this notice, and pursuant to the requirements of OCGA § 9-11-4 (f)(1)(C), the undersigned Clerk of the Superior Court, Gwinnett County, Georgia hereby certifies that, within 15 days of the date of the filing of the Order for Service by Publication as hereinabove stated, the undersigned Clerk will send a copy of this Notice, together with a copy of the Order for Service by Publication and Complaint or Petition, if any, to the following Respondents at their respective last known addresses below: Occupant/Resident 6136 Keswick Row Tucker, GA 30084 Hubert Michael Hay 3000 Vista Brook Dr. Decatur, GA 30033 Estate of Albert G Mize and All Heirs Known and Unknown 6136 Keswick Row Tucker, GA 30084 Witness, The Hon. George P. Hutchinson, Judge, Superior Court, Gwinnett County Clerk of the Superior Court, Gwinnett County, Georgia By: /S/ Deputy Clerk