ABANDONED MOTOR VEHICLE PETITION ADVERTISEMENT You are hereby notified, in accordance with O.C.G.A. Section 40-11-19.1, that petitions were filed in the Magistrate Court of GWINNETT County to foreclose liens against the vehicles listed below for all amounts owed. If a lien is foreclosed, the Court shall order the sale of the vehicle to satisfy the debt. The present location of the vehicles is: Willard Wrecker Service - 719 W. Shadburn Ave. Buford GA 30518 Anyone with an ownership interest in a vehicle listed herein may file an answer to the petition on or before: 08-09-21 Answer forms may be found in the Magistrate Court Clerk's office located at: 75 Langley Dr, Lawrenceville GA Forms may also be obtained online at Vehicle Make: CHEVY Year: 2005 Model: TRAILBLAZER Vehicle ID #: 1GNDS13S752364627Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19887 Vehicle Make: BMW Year: 2004Model: X5 Vehicle ID #: 5UXFA13594LU27409Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19888 Vehicle Make: FORD Year: 1998Model: IMPALA Vehicle ID #: 2G1WU8348925803Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-18910 Vehicle Make: BUICK Year: 2005Model: E350 Vehicle ID #: 1FDWE37S4WHB59307Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19889 Vehicle Make: CHEVY Year: 2013Model: MALIBU Vehicle ID #: 1G11C5SA2DF138987Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19890 Vehicle Make: HONDA Year: 2015Model: CIVIC Vehicle ID #: 19XFB2F78FE032358Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19891 Vehicle Make: HONDA Year: _2006 Model: CRV Vehicle ID #: JHLRD68586C012051Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19892 Vehicle Make: NISSAN Year: 2016Model: ALTIMA Vehicle ID #: 1N4AL3AP6GN353483Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19893 Vehicle Make: FORD Year: 2002Model: EXPLORER Vehicle ID #: 1FMDU74W92ZD02507Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19894 Vehicle Make: AUDI Year: 2000Model: A4 Vehicle ID #: WAUAC28D7YA185505 Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19895 Vehicle Make: CHEVROLET Year: 2003Model: TRAILBLAZER Vehicle ID #: 1GNDS13S232388914Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19896 Vehicle Make: CHRYSLER Year: 2005Model: 300 Vehicle ID #: 2C3AA43R25H551220Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19897 Vehicle Make: TOYOTA Year: 2004 Model: CAMRY Vehicle ID #: 4T1BE32K14U858761Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19898 Vehicle Make: FORD Year: 2011Model: F150 Vehicle ID #: 1FTFW1CT4BFA63879 Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19899 Vehicle Make: DODGE Year: 2019 Model: JOURNEY Vehicle ID #: 3C4PDCBB5KT737820Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19900 Vehicle Make: NISSAN Year: 2011Model: ALTIMA Vehicle ID #: 1N4AL2AP1BC166926Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19901 Vehicle Make: BMW Year: 2007Model: X5 Vehicle ID #: 5UXFE83537LZ44920Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19902 Vehicle Make: PONTIAC Year: 2008 Model: G6 Vehicle ID #: 1G2ZG57B984231432Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19903 Vehicle Make: GMC Year: 2003Model: YUKON Vehicle ID #: 1GKEK63U33J208779Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19904 Vehicle Make: DODGE Year: 2006 Model: GRAND CARAVAN Vehicle ID #: 2D4GP44L96R654826Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19905 Vehicle Make: FREIGHTLINER Year: 2000Model: FLC Vehicle ID #: 1FUYSSZBXYPB87288Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19907 Vehicle Make: TOYOTA Year: 2002 Model: COROLLA Vehicle ID #: 2T1BR12E62C545884Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19906 Vehicle Make: TOYOTA Year: 2008Model: AVALON Vehicle ID #: 4T1BK36B78U261915 Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19908 Vehicle Make: FLEETWOOD Year: 1978 Model: Vehicle ID #: T04406856960Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19909 Vehicle Make: MITSUBSHI Year: 2001Model: MONTERO Vehicle ID #: JA4LS21HX1P039365Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19910 Vehicle Make: NISSAN Year: 2015Model: VERSA Vehicle ID #: 3N1CN7AP4FL804190Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19911 Vehicle Make: OLDSMOBILE Year: 2004 Model: ALERO Vehicle ID #: 1G3NL52F14C133284Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19883 Vehicle Make: SUBARU Year: 2012Model: LEGACY Vehicle ID #: 4S3BMCC60C3031332Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19882 Vehicle Make: HONDA Year: 2006 Model: CIVIC Vehicle ID #: 1HGFA16576L051780Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19884 Vehicle Make: SAAB Year: 2007Model: 9-3 Vehicle ID #: YS3FH71U876108718Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19885 Vehicle Make: CHEVROLET Year: 2008Model: TAHOE Vehicle ID #: 1GNFC13008J185490Magistrate Court Case No.: 21-M-19886 Attach additional sheets as necessary. MAG 40-10 928-43970 8/1,8


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