Details for JIN 19-A-04936-10


IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF GWINNETT COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA CIVIL ACTION CASE NUMBER: 19-A-04936-10 In re the Name Change of Child(ren): Yuchan Jin Jongkyu Jin Petitioner, v. Miseong Chong Respondent, NOTICE OF filing PETITION TO CHANGE NAME(s) of minor child(ren) A petition was filed in the Superior Court of Gwinnett County on _______,20__ to change the name of the following minor child(ren): From: Yuchan Jin To: Kevin Yuchan Jin Any interested party has the right to appear in this case and file objections within the time prescribed in OCGA sec. 19-12-1(f)(2) and (3). Dated: 5/17/2019 -s-Jongkyu Jin 3709 Saddlemaker Dr Buford GA 30519 Petitioner Pro se 916-601549 6/12,19,26,7/3 "$adID"