Details for BELL 19-A-02789-4

IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF GWINNETT COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA CIVIL ACTION NO. 19-A-02789-4 CAROLINE BELL, Petitoner, vs. HERBERT BELL JR. Respondent. NOTICE OF PUBLICATION of a complaint for divorce Notice is bereby given that THE FOGLE LAW FIRM, LLC, on behalf of CAROLINE BELL, filed a Complaint for Divorce to the Superior Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia, on the 22nd day of March, 2019, praying for divorce from the Defendant HERBERT BELL JR. Defendant HERBERT BELL JR. is required to electronically file with the Clerk of the Superior Court via and to serve upon Natalie L. Griggs, plaintiff’s attorney, whose address is 55 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd., Suite 830, Atlanta, Georgia 30303, an Answer to the Complaint within 60 days of the date of the order for publication . Notice is hereby given pursuant to law to any interested or affected party to appear in said Court and to file objections to such Complaint for Divorce. Objections must be filed with said Court within 60 days of the filing of said petition. This the 29th day of May, 2019. -s- Natalie L. Griggs Natalie L. Griggs, Esq., Attorney for Plaintiff Georgia Bar No.: 119542 THE FOGLE LAW FIRM, LLC 55 Allen Plaza 55 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. Suite 830 Atlanta, Georgia 30303 909-602641, 6/19,26,7/3,10