What: Selfie

Where: Tannery Row Artist Colony, 554 W. Main St., Building C, in Buford

When: Feb. 7-March 20

Opening Reception on Saturday, Feb. 7, from 5 to 8 p.m.

“Wanna take a selfie?” is a phrase we’ve all come to know well. The trend of capturing a photo of yourself with a smartphone has quickly gained popularity the past few years.

Now, the artists of Tannery Row Artists Colony have taken the popular trend and made it their own with the new exhibit “Selfie.”

According artist Judy Isaak, the inspiration for the exhibit came from the 2014 Oscar ceremony and Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie that went viral, crashing Twitter.

“The whole selfie thing had started at the Academy Awards with them all getting together and it just continued and continued from there,” Isaak said, adding it seemed like an up-and-coming idea at the time and there had already been discussion of doing a self-portrait show.

The theme of “Selfie” also seemed like a perfect fit for Tannery Row’s 11th anniversary show because it allows viewers to catch a glimpse of the artist behind the art. The show includes submissions from around 15 artists with a variety of interpretations ranging from the abstract to realism, using a variety of media including oils, acrylics and mixed media.

Artist Judy Surowiec decided to have fun with her work, “My Selfie,” using materials lying around her studio to create her whimsical portrait. Surowiec describes her work as energetic and colorful but said it’s really hard to put a label on her style.

“I’m always saying, ‘What if?’ ‘What if I did this?’ ‘What if I did that?’ That’s how it (‘My Selfie’) appeared too because I’m always saying, ‘What if I took this box or these crazy things and put it together?’” Surowiec said. “I didn’t care how it turned out. I just really wanted to have fun with it. I just like to make people smile.”

“Selfie” will be on display Saturday through March 1. The opening reception will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday and include wine, hors d’oeuvres and live entertainment from musician Austin Steel, as well as photo ops for guests to capture their own “selfie.” Many of the artists will also be present and available to discuss their works.

Isaak, who has been at Tannery Row for almost all of the colony’s 11 years, said she’s looking forward to celebrating.

“It’s a big deal. The players have changed a lot over time — I would say that we’ve probably had over 50 different artists here, and right now we have a good bunch of about 15,” Isaak said. “It’s a good place to work.”

For more information about Tannery Row Artist Colony, visit tanneryrowartistcolony.com.