Cops: Domestic dispute call leads police to Indiana fugitive

After giving a false name and attempting to elude police, Tommie Smith was arrested and prepared for extradition to Indiana, where he is allegedly wanted on charges of rape, armed robbery and criminal confinement. (Special Photo)

While responding to a domestic dispute call over a stolen cell phone on August 3, Gwinnett police discovered that one of the people involved was wanted in Indiana for rape, armed robbery and criminal confinement.

Police reports indicate that officers responded to a domestic dispute call in Norcross on August 3 in which the caller, Ramona Martinez, accused her boyfriend Tommie Smith of stealing her cell phone.

When police arrived they found a man meeting the caller’s description of her boyfriend, who claimed to be named Tommy Shelby. After police determined through record searches that he had given a false name , Smith allegedly pushed one of the officers and ran away.

There were a number of other calls waiting so the officers let Smith go and decided to look deeper into the case once things had calmed down.

One of the officers managed to find a previous domestic disturbance call where Martinez was allegedly dragged by a black male, later identified as Tom Smith. During the investigation of the previous dispute call, Martinez reportedly would only give officers her address in East Chicago, Indiana.

That address was the final clue needed to locate Tommie Smith’s records, including open arrest warrants from 2013 for rape, armed robbery and criminal confinement in Lake County, Indiana.

The police report states that on Tuesday afternoon, the police report states that officers surrounded the home in Norcross with K-9 units, in case Smith attempted to run again. The arresting officer knocked on the door and was told by the woman who answered that Smith was not at home. When officers questioned her further, she stepped back and allowed them into the home, where they reportedly found Smith hiding under a pile of laundry in a bathroom closet.

Smith was handcuffed and walked out to the police car, where he was positively identified using an Indiana driver’s license obtained through police records. The Gwinnett officers declined to obtain warrants for obstruction of justice or providing a false name in order to have Smith extradited to Indiana as quickly as possible.

Smith is currently in the Gwinnett County jail awaiting extradition.