Adam Crane has been teaching young Gwinnett musicians for 14 years, producing many Governor’s Honors program and scholarship recipients. Presently, from his studios on Pleasant Hill Road, he is busy teaching gifted young and adult musicians and launching an exciting new project.

StringQuest is a complete music curriculum with a “quest” to keep music alive in the schools and beyond. And it isn’t just for kids! It is a comprehensive teaching method focusing on string instrument mastery which has evolved into an online e-learning site and community at

StringQuest connects music with science, math, history, logic and critical thinking skills. More than a dozen “knowledge characters” teach every element of music and motivate students to try their best and “smile while doing so!”

“StringQuest has over a thousand pages and includes beneficial resources that help to create and build a thriving program. It is filled with exercises, original compositions, audio examples and mastery checkpoints,” Crane says.

The project started as a middle school Teacher’s Guide while Crane was working with Lilburn Middle School’s orchestra director years ago. Now, thanks to the power of the internet, StringQuest is accessible to everyone.

For decades, Crane listened to his students and their parents sadly tell him that “classical music is a dying art” and “classical music is being downgraded in the schools.” Crane refused to accept this situation, and he created StringQuest as an accessible, fun resource to keep musicians learning and enjoying the art form.

Materials are presented in a game structured format so students have fun as they learn.

“Without question, StringQuest is the ultimate cross-over curriculum destined to keep music alive in the schools and beyond,” Crane says.

March is “Music in Our Schools Month,” and Crane has been taking advantage of this designation to spread the classical music message with the “Student Promise Awards.” In recognition of many gifted students, Ronald Sachs Violins is donating professionally reset and repurposed instruments to programs receiving mentorship from Crane.

In Gwinnett, Lilburn Middle and Parkview High Schools are receiving Crane’s mentorship and coaching by Crane Classical Music Society, and Sachs Violins has donated a cello and a viola. There are other programs in Atlanta and nationally.

One national program under the Student Promise Awards is the giving of three Ronald Sachs Violins to promising young musicians. This competition is described on the website at, and the deadline is March 18. The winners will be announced on March 23. Young musicians wishing to be considered for this award must be nominated by the student’s orchestra director, not by themselves or a parent.

Crane is a graduate of the Mannes College of Music Conservatory with a bachelor’s degrees in music, viola performance and music composition plus a master’s of music in viola performance and a Post-Graduate Professional Studies Certificate. To learn more about “StringQuest,” the Student Promise Awards and the Crane Classical Music Society, visit

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