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  • Deatkitty6 said:

    2022 and no update ? She was my husband’s cousin. I didn’t know her much but she was nice pretty . I knew she had a gf who was older and it wa…

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  • RustyShackleford said:

    That cost should not be passed down to taxpayers. The government should find a charity willing to cancel student debt or find supporters of th…

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  • Djj22 said:

    No not gang violence my son was one.of.the ones killed shot multiple times. He was not in a gang.

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Is it possible for someone to die from exhaustion? And if so, how? —Andrea Price, Grafton, Wisconsin If a person has been active in an extreme way for a lengthy period of time, so much that the behavior could be called absurd, death from a heart attack is possible, but only if the person had an ... Read more

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