Will Hammock


Will Hammock 3 years, 7 months ago on BUCK'S BYTES: Fink, you've done well

Nicely done, Michael. I had Fink as well as will never forget the day he caught me doing the Red & Black crossword in his class. Not a great idea by me.


Will Hammock 3 years, 10 months ago on HAMMOCK: Honor fitting for Shiloh's Marley

I hate that the road is so tough for the Region 7 winner. Also hate that the Region 7 and 8 winners are on the same side of the bracket. I'm sure Grayson would much rather operate on the other side as the Region 8 No. 2 seed. I'm sure Camden would rather not play North/Peachtree Ridge and Grayson before the finals, either.

What's really criminal is the state basketball brackets, where two South Georgia schools (or in AAAAA DeKalb schools) get a free pass into the semifinals without having to play a single hoops team from metro Atlanta. So most of the top basketball teams in the state fight it out for two spots in the semis.