willey07 2 years, 4 months ago on Student-organized event is Saturday in Suwanee

The event is called Cultures of Suwanee. The event is completely student organized. The seven young men who put this together have done a tremendous job. I knoow we all hope the community comes out in support and to have a good time!


willey07 2 years, 8 months ago on GILBERT: Vote 'yes' on charter school amendment for the future of our children

I find it interesting that you didn't mention Florida in your list of states that haven't fallen apart due to various bodies being able to approve charter schools. That may be because it does fit the example you'd like it to. Here is an article from the AJC that explains this a bit. I've posted on this before and here I am again saying that charter schools aren't the enemy; however, putting the power to approve them on any whim of an un-elected body that has no clear accountability would be a travesty. It IS about money as well as students, and whether you or anyone else wants to say otherwise is besides the point. Students will be affected by the choice to allow seven plus new charters pop up a year with no money accounted for to support them. You will create a system of haves and have nots. The 'hysteria' you speak of has to do with neglecting the importance of involvement in current systems. Parents want their school to improve? Then get involved! A charter school doesn't 'fix' parent, teacher, and student relationships that equal academic success. How about petitioning for choice within our own current schools?! How about working along side current teachers and administrators to allow new opportunities for students. I know it's possible because we do it at the school I teach at, which is in Gwinnett County! And to be clear, charter schools in Georgia do not out perform our current top public schools. Do not be foolish enough to give another body with no accountability the authority to approve charter schools. The solution will never be a charter system beside a public system. It will always be about teacher training and community involvement!

Here is another link to a video with students telling the truth about what saying 'yes' to amendment one would really mean for Georgia schools.


willey07 2 years, 9 months ago on JENKINS: Charter school debate comes down to turfism versus choice

I'm a bit appalled at this incredibly assumptive opinion piece. This amendment has nothing to do with turf wars or turfism. It has everything to do with money, where it goes, and how it is spent. I work at a school where the administrators DO work for the students and DO support them thoroughly. If this amendment passes, it will be nearly impossible to ever repeal and we'll give yet another un-monitored bureaucratic body the power to shift tax dollars wherever they wish damn the consequences for public schools. I would think this would trouble conservatives. Charter schools are a good idea and we HAVE them in our state. The issue that is ignored is that one, they don't currently outperform our best public schools and two, parents have choice in their schools, but they only really get involved when something bad happens. You want change in education, it starts with teacher training at the college level. Beyond that it is going to take schools and communities working together to achieve an equal vision. If you want to talk about the groups who don't care about education, start with the testing industry and the College Board who is hardly ever questioned yet work within a billion dollar yearly industry. (And for the record, I've never worked with an administrator who wanted to down play the availability of dual-enrollment for junior or senior student!)


willey07 3 years, 3 months ago on North Gwinnett students enjoy garden project

Just to clarify, although there isn't as much emphasis on lecture and testing, both are still used in the class. Lecturing is just held to a minimum and testing occurs less frequently opposed to other classes where a unit test may be taken every four to six weeks. These kids a did a great job and learned a great deal about geography, writing, and themselves!


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Wow, have you read the book? You make some mighty big assumptions as to how this book should have played out on film. A PG-13 rating is more than enough of a rating for the film. The book never describes in horrific detail what happens to the tributes. Trust me, it certainly is horrific that teens would be killing other teens (or anyone else for that matter), but that is supposed to be the most jarring aspect of the book/film to its audience in a post American Idol age. As far as you saying that those who have seen the classics you list feeling as though the film is just a rehash of what has already been done, I'd agree with you; however, I would add that it is refreshing that a YAL novel has tried to recapture for a new audience the themes we've come to love from those previous films/plays, and bring them to light for a younger generation to discover for themselves. Just my two cents, but I think this particular book and movie will be far more relevant than Twilight or possibly even the HP series in the coming years.