willey07 3 years, 5 months ago

Wow, have you read the book? You make some mighty big assumptions as to how this book should have played out on film. A PG-13 rating is more than enough of a rating for the film. The book never describes in horrific detail what happens to the tributes. Trust me, it certainly is horrific that teens would be killing other teens (or anyone else for that matter), but that is supposed to be the most jarring aspect of the book/film to its audience in a post American Idol age. As far as you saying that those who have seen the classics you list feeling as though the film is just a rehash of what has already been done, I'd agree with you; however, I would add that it is refreshing that a YAL novel has tried to recapture for a new audience the themes we've come to love from those previous films/plays, and bring them to light for a younger generation to discover for themselves. Just my two cents, but I think this particular book and movie will be far more relevant than Twilight or possibly even the HP series in the coming years.


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