vickin1 3 years, 11 months ago on Rock'n Rib Fest offers food, music, fun

I am proud to call Lawrenceville my home.I believe the Rock n Rib festival was a huge success yesterday. It takes many hours of dedicated people to plan and bring an event like this to a community.I would like to thank the LTTA for all of their hard work and the City of Lawrenceville for their dedication in keeping the event clean and protected so that everyone could relax and enjoy the beautiful fall day.This is a beautiful,quaint little hometown and I am sure that the forefathers would have enjoyed themselves as well.I have been to many,many festivals in my lifetime and I truly enjoyed this one.The food was wonderful and the music was outstanding.I enjoyed hearing P.K.Martin playing his music,it is wonderful to see the citizens involved in making an festival happen.Pat yourselves on the back for the great job that you all did.Thank you,Victoria Nuckols