ujustdontgetit 1 year, 10 months ago on Parent upset school testing was planned for Jewish holiday

Clearly, the parent's concerns aren't being understood. It's not the point of testing or a religious holiday, it's about equality. The county is so concerned with diversity but they miss the basic fundamentals. These particular Jewish holidays are the holiest days of the year in Judaism-if the county testing office had taken the time to review the calendar consideration should have been given.

We(Jews) aren't asking for all of you to stop and recognize our holiday but please offer consideration just as would be given to other religions i.e. Christianity. In a non-religious world students would be in class on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Easter Sunday and they would all be off on Thanksgiving. Students still get marked absent and GCPS employees have to request time off to acknowledge any other religious holiday. I don't think reviewing the calendar in an effort to promote diversity is asking too much.