trueluv 1 year, 6 months ago on Lawrenceville removes warning period for property maintenance violations

its all about money! So whats to happen if you are hospitalized? Or in my case the cable broke on the mower, Sosbees had to order one, and no these cables are not sold at Walmart or Home Depot. I think attention needs to be given in the areas that actually in my opinion make Lawrenceville look "PODUNK' try riding into Lawrenceville coming up Hwy 120/W. Pike St. all those bail bonds buildings (and just that area in general) doesnt make this city look trashy and CRIME ridden I dont know what does. These city council folks really need to get out from behind their fine desks and get out and actually take a ride through Lawrenceville beyond that beautified square..... just sayin!