tomnardone 1 year, 2 months ago on FOOD FOR THOUGHT: People watching is a great education.

Hello Carol Townsend. I used to live in Gwinnett. I now live in Greenville SC.

A few years ago i was at the grocery store and a lady kept threatening to smack her daughter in the mouth, because she would not stop bothering her sister who was in the child seat. she threatened her 5th time then a sixth, and i just couldnt take it any more. so i said "Ma'am isn't it obvious that she does not believe you will actually smack her?"

She looked at me as if to say oh yah, and then she smacked her right across the mouth with the back of her hand. You wanna know what i said then? nothing because that is the only thing anyone would say after seeing that.

My point is that watching people is great and sometimes it is enough. Other times a little poke can help the story develop into one of life's true rewards; A moment.