tomcat 1 year, 10 months ago on Shirley Lasseter -- Rise and fall of a down-home dignitary

SHAME ON SHIRLEY... Not only have i been a life long resident of Gwinnett County but have been employed by Gwinnett County for 24 years. While good people and i must add hard working people have not had raises as employees in over five years , It's really nice to know that our leaders - you know the ones that reminded us how broke Gwinnett County is and how lucky we have a position , Was doing the nasty dance and having a grand old time on somebody elses dime. And then out comes the good ole bible thumpers right on cue to protect a low life criminal. makes a mind wonder if this was the first time or the first time she has been caught. Trust me you don't wake up deciding today is the day..Yep i want to take bribes as your sucking down your cream lattea from StarBucks. You know the coffee a regular working person can't afford. This act should be treated as treason to the good people of Gwinnett County and should be treated as so. With that nice little fake southern draw and that flaming red hair you are gonna make some body a wonderful wife ( in prison ) . I really hope your oldest knows how to hand wash clothes.