toby 2 years ago on Improvements coming for pedestrians along Club Drive

This should keep the gangs feet dry while they paint all over our fences. How about installing laser guided gang elimination weapons. Or fences that spray paint onto the gang bangers. I will bet these clowns will paint the side walks.


toby 2 years ago on Florida to sue Georgia over water

This sounds more like politicians making their lawyer buddies just a little bit richer. Some say this old earth is billions of years old. I'm sure there have been floods and droughts over those years and the oysters somehow survived. These oyster guys need to figure out how to farm raise them so they can have more control over the salt and fresh water mix. They are taking from the ocean and there is no guarantee that the ocean will play fair. And for goodness sake don't look for someone to come bail you out because you gambled on a career like this. I like oysters but like cable TV, I don't have to have it.


toby 2 years, 1 month ago on Man facing 20 years for stealing $96

If we would give politicians the same punishment for the millions they steal, we may clean this country up.


toby 2 years, 2 months ago on School board approves tax hike

I know that one............... 1) because they can 2) As more people adjust to living off of others and don't pay taxes any longer, taxes have to be raised to sustain their spending. 3) spending will never decrease They should look at history. The royal families that took care of the peasants lived happily ever after. Those who treated them like dirt, lost it all. "Keep you guns oiled and your bullets dry. You will need them one day."


toby 2 years, 5 months ago on Zombie television show turns Georgia town into tourism hub

The film makers come to Georgia because there are no unions. Much cheaper to make a movie without a union taking their "fair share". Once they show up, the film industry will move somewhere else. California will be deeper in debt with that idustry moving out. So once again the unions have destroyed what they touch.