tlcenman 2 years ago on Tebowmania coming to Gwinnett in May

Tickets are still Available -- Just went on the website ( and am able to purchase tickets both general admission and VIP.


tlcenman 2 years, 6 months ago on 12Stone Church is fastest growing in Georgia

FordGalaxy -- I attend 12Stone, and within the first month at 12Stone I knew a lot of my church family. Why? Because I made the effort, I joined a small group and I immediately started serving at the church. If you want to be anonymous you can -- if you want to be connected you can. It is all up to the person. As a matter of reference the reason you have to write an essay is so when you get baptized, your story is shared (with permission) for those in the congregation to be able to see what GOD has done in the lives of the believers.