tim1sby 3 years, 3 months ago on Suwanee to pay $1.8M for land deal

Think Nash. the behind the scene secratary who voted herself a +$100,00 per year pension. now she is the comish, who speaks to those in charge(on the airport deal), doesn't bother me, could become a big employment incentive, if an MRO opened there also. As for the Idiot who talked and closed the deal on the school, there is a big one,NGH, not two miles away, a school seems like as good as 41 new homes, more tax base, and in light of the housing bust seemed to me to be a good deal. Sorry these few people(who have yet to be named) seemed to be able to block this. This would be just like the elementary school over by edinburg sub. Those found culpable while in public office should have to pay the fine back to the City.