thrugwinnett 2 years ago on Supreme Court sides with county on trash plan

Buford Guy, I mean TOMMY HUNTER, there are at least a few of us out here in the hinterlands that are paying attention. You post all about the garbage deal, which on balance, is more good than bad, but certainly not all good. But, Boudreaux, for all his faults that you maligned him with in your scorch the earth campaign last summer. at least voted to hold the line or lower taxes every year. You sir, in your 1st vote, vote for a budget that will by NECESSITY, raise taxes at least 8% this year. Yet you campaigned on a platform, straight from your website, " the county government should be run like a household budget, you do more with less." How do you answer this Buford Guy, I mean TOMMY HUNTER? As for Boudreaux, I don't he is finished at all. An election where someone loses by 50something votes in a gerrymandered by Don Balfour district, where 5% of the folks vote is by no means the end per se'