theroguefoodie 3 years, 6 months ago on Unterman vows to speak out on HOT lanes

I Agree with ACC12_SEC comment


Commuter rail on the CSX/Amtrak line between Atlanta & Gainesville and on the NS/Brain Train line between Atlanta & Athens would NOT be a MARTA project (the prevailing thought in political circles is that MARTA is nearing its end and is getting ready to be overhauled by the five-county core of the region and state into something else likely by the end of the decade).

Commuter rail on the CSX/Amtrak Atlanta-Gainesville lines and on the NS/Brain Train Atlanta-Athens lines would likely be run by a state/regional agency and at the very least be overseen by the state if said private operator can be found to run one or both of the lines.

In fact, your comments make a good point as the type of public-private partnership that the state is attempting to form to build and operate HOT lanes all over the Atlanta Region would very much likely work better with building and operating commuter rail lines that won't back up traffic when implemented.

(the I-85 HOT lane is but just a small preview of what the state has in mind for interstates and freeways all over North Georgia) "