tgrip 2 years, 8 months ago on Gwinnett's toll lanes at capacity

@Dayna, they did have an "outer loop" drawn up from HWY 316 to I-75 and even went so far as to purchase the land to build the interstate but something happened.

Democrats were elected to run the House and Senate at the Federal level and imagine this, the environment not the amount of traffic on the roads won out. That's right the ENVIRONMENT needed to be considered and too many woodpeckers and deer would lose their homes, so the funding was x-ed.

So now people sit in traffic and scream "I'm not paying!" and they scream "Evil Republicans did this to me!!!"

However, I enjoy getting to work on time and saving a tank of gas a week in the HOT lane. You kids keep sitting over their belly aching, my commutes have been really nice.


tgrip 2 years, 10 months ago on Wall Street pushback surfaces in Gwinnett

Clean up guy, I feel sorry for you. You can play that 1982 numbers game if you want, but here is Reagan's unemployment numbers. Truth hurts.

Remember that guy named Carter... you know... cause you are a history major... yeah that guy who ruined the economy just like our dear ruler Obama. And it will take a Reagan type cut on taxes and serious cuts to spending to get this country back on track.

Here are some hard facts for ya. Suck on this for a while.

Reagan unemployment numbers:

November 1982: 10.8% July 1983: 9.5% November 1984: 7.25% August of 1987: 6.0% December 1988: 5.6%


tgrip 2 years, 10 months ago on Wall Street pushback surfaces in Gwinnett

These children of Obama, also known as Occutards, are grown children pitching a fit.

I am a small business owner. I employ about 40 people. How dare I make a profit!?!? So guess what occutards, if your dear leader Obama somehow gets higher taxes put on me, do you think I am going to hire more people? Give someone else a job? No. I am going to go from 40 employees to 35. Why? Cause the government is taxing me more.

Do you not get it? The more you tax me, the more I cut people and expenses. I am not spending more money. I am going to make more money because I have to spend more taxes, I am going to drop employees and expect more from my employees that I keep.

You get it now? You are unthinking people. You have bought into your dear leader's talk of "the evil rich." One day you will realize that the rich are what makes this country go around. Keep it up occutards... hopefuly your comments and "protest" will help people realize that Obama has made a mess of this country.


tgrip 2 years, 10 months ago on Wall Street pushback surfaces in Gwinnett

JHogan, you said, "Over the past 30 years there has been a systematic transfer of wealth from the middle class to the extreme upper class, to the top 0.1% of the public. That's the top 1/10th of 1 % of the public. That group has more wealth than the entire bottom 50% of the public. This will not work."

I ask you these few questions.

  1. How much does the top 1% pay in taxes? When you answer that question, you will find out that that 1% makes this country work. Litterally.

  2. You talk about spending? What % do you think eats out? What % do you think pays to have their car washed? What % do you think employs workers? See, your problem is you don't understand who the 1% are how they keep this country moving. The reason this country is in trouble in the job market is because this Obama administration has put the clamps on the rich and they only want to clamp down on them more.

  3. If you tax the rich more, take more out of their hands, do you think that makes them want to spend more? Eat out more? Buy more things?

  4. Ask yourself these questions. If you still think the rich are the problem, then you prove my point, you don't have the mental capacity to understand commerce.


tgrip 2 years, 10 months ago on Unterman vows to speak out on HOT lanes

Light rail in Denver, CO is a joke. The people who live there joke about it. Rail in the suburbs of ATL running into and out of ATL? You think that is going to fly in Gwinnett County? What planet are you living on? I will pay for a HOT lane, but you want me to pay more money to ride a "luxary train"? LOL... that is the funniest thing I have read all week. :)

I have news for you people. The HOT lanes are staying. Know why? I have had my peach pass for 2 weeks now. Guess what? The lane is starting to fill up, you know why? It's improved my commute by 15 minutes, maybe more when there has been a wreck on I-85. The peach passes are going out like mad and people are using the lane. That means that money is going in the pockets of our lovely federal government. The government is making money, I promise you its not coming out. People said the same thing about the toll booths on 400. Do they still have toll booths on 400? Hmmmm... Get used to it. The state can get on the stump and proclaim what ever they want to... they are getting money and thats all they care about.

I care about not sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. The HOT lane has been nice. So don't too many of you go out there and start enjoying it! Stay over there to the right!!!


tgrip 2 years, 11 months ago on Rush hour impact of toll lanes on I-85

Oedipus Taxus Maximus... I normally have a 1 hour commute, I work in the private sector, and I hate paying taxes as much as the next guy, but you can call it whatever you like, I enjoy paying a little bit to pass the traffic. I HATE sitting in traffic. The HOT lane lets me skip it all.

It just shows again that Presbo has seperated and generated hate among those that have and those that have not. Those that have not sit and complain. Those that have don't say a word. They go to work and spend their hard earned money as they please. I choose to pass you all in the HOT lane with my $$ in hand. You choose to sit in the regular lanes and scream and whine about those of us using the lane.

See you guys Monday!


tgrip 2 years, 11 months ago on Rush hour impact of toll lanes on I-85

So I looked at my Peach Pass account this morning and you know how much it cost me to get on at 316 and drive down to Indian Trail where it breaks loose? $1.00

So are you people sitting in the traffic on 316 and on I-85 that you can't afford .85 to get you down to the point that traffic breaks loose? It's worth EVERY penny to me not to have to sit in the traffic.

Coming home getting in the HOT lane at 285 and taking it up to Indian Trail where it breaks loose cost me .85 I got out of the HOT lane and took the normal lanes home. If it cost me $2 a day not to have to lift my foot off the gas pedal then so be it! I love looking at you people sitting still over there.

Hopefuly enough of you will complain, that will lower my cost and you will still sit over there in traffic. Before the HOT lanes traffic sucked and the HOV lane moved. Now I pay a little to get past the bad sections of 85 and its minimal. Quit whining and get a Peach Pass.


tgrip 2 years, 11 months ago on LETTERS: HOT lanes benefit the rich

Kurt, stop having wealth envy. Add it to your budget and stop whining. Maybe if you don't eat out for lunch 2 or 3 days a week, you can be rich too! I drive it everyday and bought my peach pass. I'm not rich, just smart with my money.

Speaking of fair share... what is enough for the rich? 40%? 50%? 60%?

Quit whining and sit over there on the right, lefty.


tgrip 2 years, 11 months ago on Rush hour impact of toll lanes on I-85

Please cheap people, please stay over to the right, this HOT lane is making my commute AWESOME!!! Don't care if I have to pay, I get to skip the non-sense!