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Bomb threat evacuates Gwinnett high school April 24, 2014


suedehead 8 months ago on CLINE: The good news from our schools

Typical Kevin. That wasn't an actual statistic, just a rough estimate used to point out the size of GCPS. This was a commentary about good news, not a fact based article about student/teacher ratios.

Good Luck Norcross Saturday night and congratualtions to the Mill Creek and Mountain Park communites for having administrators in your schools that really care.


suedehead 9 months ago on Nunn announces 2014 senatorial campaign

Stereotypical comments abound from most of the posters here.

Don't like who's in office or who's running? You are free to join the race at any time.

Cue: A myriad of excuses explaining why it's impossible for "the average person" to run.

Dang, give the woman a chance. It's much easier to sit back and complain anonymously on the boards rather than get involved...also keeps others from finding any skeletons in your closet.


suedehead 9 months, 1 week ago on Falcons star tells jurors in Zimmerman trial to 'kill themselves'

Poor Kevin, still in 1998. The Falcons no longer have the trash image they once had. Some players may, but the team, no.


suedehead 9 months, 1 week ago on Falcons star tells jurors in Zimmerman trial to 'kill themselves'

I'm willing to bet this is the only time you're willing to quote JJ. Don't care for the guy, but we got the message. No need to post in EVERY article.


suedehead 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Chick-fil-A president deletes anti-gay marriage tweet

Southern Lady? Not where I come from. Nice clean link ya posted there with the F-bomb in it. Guess GDP's stop moderating this story.


suedehead 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Paula Deen's ex-husband: Former employee motivated by greed

Paula's the victim of a horrible PR team, a slow news week, and the public's fascination with non-issues. She needs to be speaking with Martha's handlers.

She also needs to lay low until it goes to trial. Get off Twitter/Facebook. It's embarrassing and sad. DO NOT SETTLE. Has anyone seen Lisa Jackson or heard any more statements from her? Make her go to court, become known by the public and fodder for the tabloids.

Tit for tat, y'all.


suedehead 10 months ago on 'Suicide by cop' possible in park ranger shooting

I, too, hope the Ranger recovers fully. Though there is no reason for her shooting him, I feel bad for this woman's family. I'm sure these people are in pain over the loss of someone they loved and upset at her actions prior to taking her own life. Maybe she did have issues. But, not knowing anything about her, or the circumstance that drove her to do this, I'll reserve calling her crazy out of respect for her family.