steezy007 2 years, 7 months ago on Enter to win Falcons tickets

I am the biggest Falcon fan because of my dedication to the team. I will do anything to see my dirty birds play on Sunday (and sometimes Monday). A perfect example is the game I went to a couple of seasons ago when we played the Packers right after thanksgiving. I did not have season tickets but I tried to see every home game that season, regardless. I had 75 bucks in my pocket, an expensive omega watch on my wrist, and a Matt Ryan jersey on my back. Only thing I didn't have was a ticket. I bought one from a scalper for all my money and got lower level seats. Thought I had a pretty good deal until I got to the gate and found out it was a fake. I was furious and tried to find the guy that sold me my ticket but he was long gone. I wasn't going to miss this game though. I ended up finding a guy with one 50 yard line field level ticket he was trying to get rid of. Having no money to pay for this expensive ticket, though, I had to improvise and barter. I traded the guy my jersey and my watch for the ticket but now I was shirtless. Not a problem... I found a group of tailgaters painting up for the game, got my Matty Ice jersey painted on my body and went in to the best game I've ever been to, as we beat the cheese heads 20-17. I should thank that scalper, he gave me a great story and I don't regret one part of it! Send me to the playoff game, I'm fresh out of jerseys and time pieces!