spudwebb 2 years, 7 months ago on Son suspects bar overserved father before hit-and-run spree

Where to start.....this is what is wrong with our society today, always, always, always blaming someone else for each persons lack of accountability. This guy is blaming someone else for his dad being a total idiot. If I think like the son, then the son is liable too, shouldn't he have a better eye on his old man if he knows he drinks too much??? Here is an idea, get your dad some help and or go with your dad and drive him home. But wait, theres no law for that!! We can just blame the bartender when this kid KNOWS his dad has a problem, specifically with that bar!!! un real. Lady Liburn, I understand the "laws" but when we cry about government being to involved in our lives, but then want the government to step in and protect people?? where is the line??? if you're over 21 and you drink too much, don't drive. this isn't rocket science. Blaming the bar for serving him too much, law or no law is INSANE. Bartender isn't a caretaker. What a waste. Sounds to me like this family has a lot of issues, old man should be thrown in jail till he dies.